All Fired Up

IMG_8746As the season turns and temperatures drop, there’s a need to stoke your inner fire to weather the winter to come. Beginning to incorporate more fire into your movements helps overcome a seasonal sense of lethargy and offers more energy and enthusiasm despite the darkening days. Cultivating heat also makes things happen in transformative ways. Think about how a phoenix rises from the ashes: the destruction that allows something completely original to arise.

To use the idea of fire to fan your own creative flames, consider incorporating yoga asanas that build heat through a flowing practice. Start with the slow repetitive flow of Sun Salutations, then continue to move with your breath in powerful fluid sequences like Dancing Warrior. Allow the effort of these strength-building poses to clear your mind of what’s extraneous and unnecessary and what gets in the way of your own authentic nature.

Listen to your body as you play with fire, melting into the rhythmic movement in an organic way, inviting in a joyous glow. Notice the fluidity of the flames you cultivate and begin to direct your mental energy to shape what arises into a deeper creative purpose. Prepare to blaze ahead into something new.


Read more about the link between a yoga practice and creative insight in this Psychology Today article.

Join me in a flowing yoga practice and art making opportunity at Through the Fire glassblowing studio in Columbia on Friday, Oct. 11. Bring a mat for an hour practice at 6 p.m., then try your hand at playing with glass to create a colorful object. Space is limited. Cost is $30 and includes a take-home piece of glass art. Register on the Pop-UP Lancaster facebook event page.

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