Winter harvest

Touches of frost and snow may kill most of what’s in your vegetable garden, but hardy, hearty winter radishes only get sweeter with the chill. “The frost converts the carbs to sugars,” says Scott Breneman of Goodwill at Homefields CSA, where shareholders are reaping a pick-your-own bonus harvest. If our winter stays mild, the harvest can linger throughout the coldest months, offering welcome fresh produce right from your backyard. Our favorite for holiday parties is the festive bright red and green display of the watermelon radish. Sliced on a platter it offers a crisp, edible decoration. Black radishes give plenty of sharp heat during cold winter months, as do the hot and sweet shunkyo radish. The long white daikon radish is not only great to eat, but makes for a great cover crop as well by alleviating soil compaction as well as storing nutrients for spring planted crops to use. Direct seed in mid to late August with shade and heat protection and reap the benefits through the winter.

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