Favorite December plant – pyracantha

When trees and shrubs lose their leaves, we look to lingering berries to brighten the landscape. Evergreens with berries pack twice the punch, offering a foil to the color. Firethorn or pyracantha serves as outdoor decoration when so much is bare.
Planted in a sunny location away from a walking path to avoid brushing against its thorns, it will make for a cheery display, as well as dense cover and food for birds. It also lends itself to shaping, along a wall or fence, with striking results.
Prune lightly in early spring to remove any winter damaged branches and maintain the desired shape. Too much pruning will result in foliage growth without the benefit of its fragrant flowers and fruit.
Susceptible to fireblight, it’s best to avoid planting near apple trees. Mohave is more disease resistant than older varieties.

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