Favorite November plant – Japanese weeping maple

Now that the first wave of autumn leaves has left behind barren branches, it’s easy to appreciate those that linger, extending the harvest of fall color. Chief among these is the ornamental weeping cut-leaf Japanese maple, Acer palmatum dissectum, which is now a graceful, blazing denouement to the season.  This small, slow growing tree can eventually reach 6-8 feet tall and 8-10 feet wide. Although there are green-leaf varieties, the red-leaf ones like “Crimson Queen,” “Tamukeyama,” “Waterfall,” and “Orangeola” are particularly striking this time of year. For optimal leaf coloration, plant so that the tree receives dappled sunlight or at least some afternoon sun protection to keep the thin leaves from bleaching. More importantly, plant where the tree has room to achieve its optimal weeping habit.

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    Hey, this would be perfect to replace an old holly tree in a prominent in our side yard. Know anywhere where they’re likely to be sold at bargain-basement price right now? Checked Stauffer’s and they have some for $60-120. Any other places I might call?

    10/11/11 15:25

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