Favorite September plant

milkweedSure it won’t be the showiest plant in your landscape, and if you’re lucky, many of the leaves will have holes in them by the end of the month, but planting some perennial milkweed (Asclepias) in your garden can bring longer lasting delights than just a few blooms. Sure the flowers are interesting and the seed pods are terrific for crafting. But most importantly, the broad leafed plant plays host for the yellow and black striped Monarch caterpillars, who voraciously work their way through the leaves, seeming to double in size each day. The caterpillars themselves are lovely, and their jade green chrysalis trimmed in gold look like tiny jewels. But the real delight is the lingering garden visitor in autumn colors of oranges, rusts and blacks, who will migrate to Mexico, and just may return next year.

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