Mountain wine

It’s a challenge to grow grapes in the mountains of Maryland, where May freezes and tenacious deer threaten to wipe out a growing season in one swoop.
But winemaker Paul Roberts of Deep Creek Cellars has prevailed, crafting compelling, expressive blends by hand that use the best grapes from his own 10-year-old vineyard as well as those from mature vineyards around the world.
He’s earned a reputation as a blending maestro and his wines are sought out by customers who believe they can taste the “hand” in every glass.
“When you make the product by hand, I really believe that the human palate can taste that,” he says. “I’m a wine lover myself. I make wines for other people who love wine and I have a lot of customers who recognize that sincerity.”
In crafting his wines, Roberts says he puts his ego aside and allows nature to guide him, avoiding mechanical and chemical shortcuts that can “leave their alien imprint on the wine,” and instead concern himself with “the earnest flavors, smells, and textures that the 
human hand and heart working with nature can create.”
“I think we’re the ultimate niche winery,” he says. “We don’t make much, only 1,000 cases a year, but we try really hard.”

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