Eat local, buy local

It’s become so easy to source most of your food locally, especially here in Central Pennsylvania. Not only do we have a healthy variety of historic farmers markets to choose from, but now’s the season for roadside stands to spring up along country roads and growers’ markets to populate town centers. Just wrote a story for Central PA magazine detailing ┬áthese growers’ markets, and although I think I found most of them in the region, I may have missed one or two. The latest, one I discovered hours before my deadline, will be in Millersville at the George Street Cafe. Although I try to grow a few specialties and augment with my CSA share at Goodwill at Homefields, sometimes I just can’t get enough strawberries, or raspberries, or blueberries. Sense a theme here? Support your local farmers in whatever way works best for you: full shares, weekly market shopping, or occasional stops at growers’ markets and roadside stands. You’ll taste the difference.

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